Lalloo Associates provides professional consulting services to condominium associations, homeowners' associations and property managers. These services consist of an assessment of the physical condition of the property, and preparation of a capital repair and replacement schedule. The services provide valuable information when planning for future capital reserves and calculating assessments. Also, the services provide important information about the condition of the property and compliance with the construction documents and codes when negotiating with the developer at turnover. In addition, the services are necessary to review and update existing reserve studies every three or four years.

Property Condition Assessment:
We conduct an on-site observation of the property to assess and document the physical condition. Property Condition Assessment reports include a description of each component or system, an opinion of the condition, a description of defects or deficiencies (supported by photographs), an opinion of possible causes, recommendations for repairs or replacement, and associated costs to correct.

Construction Document Review:
Construction documents are reviewed, especially when the developer is ready to turnover the common areas to the association. The review is essential to understand the scope of the project, construction quality, code compliance, legal obligations, and options of recourse for non-conforming conditions.

Capital Repair and Replacement Schedule:
To assist in planning financially for on-going maintenance and future replacements, a capital repair and replacement schedule of the major common area components is prepared. The capital reserve schedule includes estimates of the expected and remaining useful lives of these components, and provides estimates of repair and replacement costs. The schedule is a vital tool in planning allocation of capital reserves, and in calculating assessments.

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