Property Condition Assessments:
We conduct on-site observations of the properties to assess and document the physical condition, and identify code violations and life safety issues. Property Condition Assessment reports include a description of each component or system, an opinion of the condition, a description of defects or deficiencies, an opinion of possible causes, recommendations for repairs or replacement, and associated costs. The report is supported by photographs of the property and noted conditions. Typically, a ten- or fifteen-year Capital Repair and Replacement Schedule is also provided.

Construction Documents and Cost Review:
Services consist of review of the construction documents and the construction costs to provide the clients with an opinion about the completeness and quality of the documents and the appropriateness of the costs.

Construction Monitoring:
Construction monitoring services entail review of the progress of the work, the construction quality, compliance with the contract documents, the project schedule, change orders, and the contractor’s monthly payment applications.

Condominium & Homeowner Association Reserve Studies:
These services include assessment of condominium or homeowner properties, review of properties at developer handover stage, and preparation of reserve studies to help the Association identify and anticipate ongoing building component maintenance and replacement costs. more >>

Development Planning Services:
The Lalloo Associates Team includes experienced, certified planners who offer a range of planning services centered on the needs of investors and their development partners. Planning services include analysis and interpretation of zoning ordinances, formulation or review of land-use planning options, urban design review, entitlement process review, and owner/developer representation.